Challenge Redeux: The Second Chance Challenge


Attention Procrastinators and Ponderers!  Here’s your chance to finish that challenge piece you started but didn’t get done by the first deadline.   This is your Second Chance on the last 5 “non-UFO” challenges shown, since March 2019.    In reverse date order, the following challenges are open again to your finally finished second chance entries, if you did not submit one the first time:

Panel, first due 12/20

Quilt not a quilt, first due 12/20

“Fancy That” embellished, first due 6/20, then 9/20

Starlight BOM, first due as top 5/19—note: must be quilted (if you entered just the quilt top, you may enter the completed quilt now)

“But Can You Fly?” bird, first due 3/19


You may not enter a different piece for a challenge you already participated in except a now quilted top for the Starlight Block of the Month.  You may enter only one newly finished item for the competition but may show others if so desired.

The winner will be determined by random drawing, one entry for each person with a newly finished item, to allow for the wide variety of challenges and skill levels.  

We offer these challenges for each of us to learn something new, challenge ourselves, and give deadlines for those that need them!  When considering those challenges above and the UFO challenges over the last several years, we have had plenty to enjoy.  Give yourself a second chance at a something you missed for whatever reason and have some fun.  Finished items will be due at the June 2021 meeting (in person we hope as these rules are written), or with a photo submitted by the posted time/email if still video meeting. 


Rules for the original challenges are in the links above, with some edits (like dates removed). These rules will be applied, and may have changed since they first appeared in the newsletter.

So to clarify: if you have turned in an entry you cannot not turn in another for that specific challenge for this Redeux challenge.


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